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Lenox Martell offers purchase and lease programs on quality commercial refrigeration bar equipment and ice machines. Equipment if delivered, set in place, and installed.

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Preventative maintenance is something we all do to prolong the life of our car. We change the oil every 3,000 miles, check the air in the tires, check the transmission fluid, make sure the radiator has plenty of coolant, and keep window cleaner in the wash tank. This is to make sure the performance and reliability of our vehicle is there when we need it. Ice machines and equipment are no different. They need periodic maintenance to assure maximum performance and efficiency. We will highlight both procedures and benefits for maintaining your equipment.

To keep the overall operating cost down and efficiency up, regular preventative maintenance must be performed. Detailed portions as well as an annual or semi-annual cleaning and inspection should be done by a service technician with ice machine and equipment experience. In some areas where harsh water conditions exist it may be necessary to have the unit professionally cleaned more often than once a year. The installation of a properly sized water filtration or treatment system will reduce scale build up in the ice machine.


Ice Machine Evaporator and Reservoir: Done by qualified technician

We turn off water supply and remove water supply pipe fitting from the water valve. Inspect and clean the water valve inlet screen. Wipe out the reservoir with a neutral cleaner and rinse thoroughly. Check the evaporator for calcium and lime deposits. Check the interior of the unit for unusual oil spots and water drips. Investigate any unusual findings and address them before a problem occurs.


Keeps ice clean and tasting fresh by removing scale and bacteria from bin. Provides consistent ice quality. Ensures proper water flow to the ice machine, reduces cleaning time spent during annual professional cleanings. Keeps the machine performing at maximum production and efficiency.



On remote condensers, we check for a dirty or clogged condenser coil. Replace external water filters if not done so at earlier intervals. At this time you may want to have a qualified service technician to perform a professional cleaning and unit inspection.


Maximum efficiency of equipment, proper production and quality of ice, lower operating cost and early detection of problems that could cause major failures resulting in equipment down time.



All equipment should be professionally cleaned and inspected at least once per year. This allows an experienced service technician a chance to thoroughly clean and sanitize the unit as well as an opportunity to look for and detect items that may have been overlooked during earlier self-performed inspections.


Extended life and use of the equipment. Reliable production at the times when it is needed most. High quality ice, and most important, lower operating cost by maintaining maximum efficiency and operation of the refrigeration, electrical and water circuit components. Lenox-Martell can provide a scheduled Preventative Maintenance Program. Some of these can be customized to include these items, as well as regular water filter changes and other items. Although the up front cost may seem a bit high to the customer, the benefits and additional life of the equipment provided by regular maintenance more than makes up for the cost of your maintenance program.

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