Wine Systems

When your establishment is offering customers wine, why not strive to give them the highest quality glass of wine possible? Having wine on tap is the best way to not only benefit your business, but to allow you to serve a more enjoyable wine.

Wine on tap eliminates oxidation of wine served by the glass, which translates into less waste from quality inconsistencies. Stop pouring money down the drain every time a wine is opened and then unable to be used and save 10-15% or more for the same exact bottled wine as wine on tap.

Wine systems save you money while also being a green, eco-friendly option. While glass is recyclable, less than 30% of all glass is actually recycled. A wine system lowers waste by eliminating the use of 3,000 glass bottles, paper labels, and closures/foils over the lifetime of the keg.

Convenience is another benefit to a wine system, for both you and your employees. Instead of constantly keeping stock of and storing multiple bottles at all times, the system is compact and self-contained. You will never have to deal with disposing of or holding onto empty bottles for disposal.

Why Wine On Tap

California Wine on Tap

The duo behind Free Flow Wines is teaming up with some of America’s best winemakers to sell excellent reds and whites in kegs. Here, they tap the good stuff at a party in Sonoma with recipes from chef Mike Lata.