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Lenox-Martell micro-brews Real City Soda® & Juices right here at our facilities in Jamaica Plain so it’s delivered fresh to your doorstep at an affordable price. We currently service over 1,300 accounts all over Eastern Massachusetts & Cape Cod to Southern New Hampshire. We are focused on all beverage trends and have insight on customer product requirements with the flexibility that is necessary to maximize your customer’s satisfaction. Our size allows us to be proactive, creative, and positioned to be more responsive to our customer’s needs than other suppliers.

Our delivery trucks are fully stocked with fresh product and gas so there’s no need to call ahead with your order, then finding out a few hours later you need more product and it’s too late! We also offer Tell Sale for customers who like to keep their own inventory. We will call you the day before our trucks are in the area to deliver whatever you need to keep your business running.

Real City Soda® is poured exclusively through our own dispensing systems which are installed and serviced by our own experienced Soda Technicians at a minimum cost to the customer.

See a PDF list of all available soda syrup flavors here.

Lenox-Martell also supplies CO2, Nitrogen, Beer gas, and Helium in 20 & 50 lb. sizes.


Carbonated Drinks Contain CO2, and CO2 Is a Toxic Gas If Inhaled

Because of this, you probably need a CO2 safety monitor. It is up to you to ensure that the health and safety of your employees is not compromised as they carry out their daily duties. Carbonated drinks contain CO2, which is a toxic gas if directly inhaled. If you store/use CO2 in a confined space such as a closed room, walk-in cooler or cellar, you may need to comply with new safety regulations. When you monitor for Carbon Dioxide you need equipment with proven reliability.

Here are 3 reasons your bar or restaurant can and should have a C02 safety monitor:

  • Ensures it’s safe for your employees, non employees (such as suppliers) and yourself to enter or work inside a room where Carbon Dioxide is stored.
  • Ensures you comply with current legislation, protecting you from possible prosecution under health and safety legislation.
  • Ensures good safety management – you know immediately when you have a gas problem.

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