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Do you remember when your choice of draught beer was Rheingold, Shaefer and Schlitz? We do! We were there installing and servicing the basic short draw systems of the day.

We were there before Bud Light and Miller Lite were. We were there when Sam Adams had two employees , going door to door trying to get bar owners to try their beer. We were excited when Coors first came to Boston and were there working hand and hand with their technical team, developing the proper method of dispensing their unique beer. In fact, through the years, our draught technicians have worked with many beverage manufacturers. Designing and building better beer systems was always our mission.

We were the first to use Procon pumps to circulate glycol and have all copper glycol connections soldered, sealed and leak proof. When all the manufacturers said it couldn’t be done, we were the first to tee beer lines. We were the first to install gas blenders, nitrogen generators and Fob detectors, as well as the first and only to customize blended gases on site.

Draught beer has come a long way from the 3 faucet co2 / air driven systems to the state of the art 100 brand plus Craft beer systems of today.

Beer systems today can cost $15,000 to $50,000. Add to that the cost of 30 to 100 barrels of craft beer on tap and you better make sure your systems are performing foam free with the proper components to keep it brewery fresh. There’s nothing worse than throwing away glass after glass of draught beer to finally get one you can serve… only to repeat the process with each order. Our ice cold draught systems use custom blended co2/nitrogen mix to keep the beer foam-free and fresh. Every location has their own special blend.

We don’t use quick pick charts out of a catalog to sell a beer system. Every system is specific to the customer needs and the environment it’s placed. Our refrigeration background is key to our calculating heat loads and flow rates.

We offer the largest selection of beer equipment available worldwide and stock all of the major brands of beer towers and refrigeration power packs. If you’re looking for something different, not what others have, we can fabricate a custom beer tower to fill your needs. We also build our own refrigeration dry systems to chill the beer if desired.

All our beer tubing is barrier lined to prevent any permeation of odors and contamination. We are also the only company to install stainless steel beer lines.

With all that expensive beer in the lines, cleaning and flushing the lines need consideration. We have electronic line cleaning systems that allow you to clean your lines on an eight week cycle. The beer from these cleaning systems have been tested by Advanced Food Labs, Inc. Boston and passed all bacteria level testing.

Lenox-Martell has been installing and servicing Draft Beer Systems for well over 30 years.  We have several Licensed Refrigeration Technicians who have worked on hundreds of the various kinds of Draft Systems.  Each Technician is equipped with a cell phone and are always on call “24/7” for emergency service.  We sell, service and install the following types of Draft Dispensing Systems:

    A Direct Draw Unit(DDU) is a self-contained unit which can hold up to (4) ½ kegs, depending upon its size.  The standard tower with faucets is mounted right on top of the unit.  These units are usually located at the bar and take up a lot of space.
    A Glycol System uses a refrigeration unit to cool a liquid bath and uses a pump to re-circulate this liquid along inside an insulated wrap with the beer lines. This type of system is excellent for long line runs with multiple beers.
  • AIR-CHUTE SYSTEM (tube in tube/side by side tube)
    An Air-Chute System will have a walk-in located near the bar.  The kegs are stored in the walk-in and an insulated air chute with a blower attached will run to the beer station.  The system will have a second air-chute for the return air.  Total line run for this system should not exceed 20’ with bends to a minimum.  The walk-in should be used for beer only.
    This eliminates the need for a large cooling tank and pumps usually requires a smaller refrigeration unit for the same line run.  (Due to the fact that you don’t have the extra heat generated by the tank and pump).  This type of system requires a qualified, licensed technician.
    Part of keeping your draft system running clean is keeping it well maintained.  Lenox-Martell specializes in cleaning beer lines with 15 full-time line cleaning technicians.  Each line cleaner is trained on what is proven to be the most sophisticated and effective system for cleaning draft lines.  Only Lenox-Martell uses an exclusive, state-of-the-art process which utilizes an acid-based compound to remove beer stone and flushing boards which allows internal cleaning of the keg taps. Each line cleaner is equipped with their own handheld computer so you know that your lines will be cleaned at the frequency you requested.  No  wonder we keep close to 10,000 beer lines in Eastern Mass running squeaky clean. We do more than all of our competitors combined!

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