Beer Line Cleaning

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At Lenox-Martell, we know nothing tastes worse than skunky beer from unclean beer lines.  When your beer tap lines are not clean, your beer will develop a vinegar-like taste due to bacteria affecting the product’s purity and quality.  Our experienced technicians clean your lines to give customers a great tasting beer every time.  Our acid-based systems remove beer stones and other nasty impurities that adversely affect the quality of beer served and our electronic coil system ensures your lines have been properly flushed clean. We also service wine taps so that you can serve the best tapped wine to your customers.

Lenox-Martell gives you the business advantage by using a state of the art computerized system to ensure your beer lines are always clean. Our electronic line cleaning technology gives you a cleaner, fresher, more wholesome beer by eliminating unwanted deposits that can affect taste and texture.  This electronic technology reduces the buildup of sugars, proteins and yeast in the beer lines while removing the need for chemical cleaning. Cleaning your beer lines in this way saves you money while also helping the environment by the lack of chemical waste.

Our company is No. 1 in beer line cleaning services and serves over 1,500 accounts across New England.  Our customers get experienced beer draft technicians to ensure precision and the highest customer service.

Our premier customers include Boston’s Samuel Adams Brewery, Legal Sea Foods, Halfway Café’s, Bertucci’s as well as our thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Greater Boston area, Cape Cod and Southern New Hampshire.

Why use Lenox-Martell to clean your Beer lines?

Lenox-Martell, Inc.The Others
  • Lenox-Martell uses an electric coil cleaning pump, which flushes the line with high pressure and vibrates the line forcing the yeast buildup to separate from the tubing.
  • We flush your line all the way through to the keg tap
  • We use an Acid cleaner to eliminate Beer stone
  • We have a computerized schedule to ensure your lines are clean on time
  • The other guys use a 2 ½ gallon cleaning bucket, and the only pressure they get comes from your system, and the yeast stays in your beer line and compromises beer taste and integrity .
  • The others use a no rinse cleaning solution that has no effect on Beer stone
  • The others show  up for regular visits when their schedule permits

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