Bulk CO2 Systems

Bulk CO2 systems for the carbonated beverage market. Serving a variety of usage requirements, our systems provide these benefits:

  • Convenience: Eliminate replacing cylinder change-out and gas outages during peak hours. Enable a better use of your employees and storage space.
  • Quality: Non-stop/unlimited CO2 flow eliminates flat drinks with perfect soda and beer dispensing, increasing customer satisfaction and eliminating complaints of poor taste.
  • Safety: Gas is stored at a low operating pressure with no cylinder handling, helping to reduce job-related injuries. Employees are no longer required to tighten the line connections of tanks.
  • Savings: Save on labor, lost residual gas and operational costs associated with the high cost of high-pressure cylinders. You’ll find $/lbs. Is less!

CO2 Alarm

Standards around the world mandate that employees and customers are not exposed to potentially dangerous levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) as it is a highly toxic gas even in small quantities. CO2 alarm detects potentially dangerous levels of carbon dioxide in the air and triggers an audible alarm and visual indicator.

Here are 3 reasons your bar or restaurant can and should have a C02 safety monitor:

  • Ensures it’s safe for your employees, non employees (such as suppliers) and yourself to enter or work inside a room where Carbon Dioxide is stored.
  • Ensures you comply with current legislation, protecting you from possible prosecution under health and safety legislation.
  • Ensures good safety management – you know immediately when you have a gas problem.


Diameter20 x 50 in20 x 72 in26 x 72 in
Height (with legs)§55.625 in71.875 in73.875 in
Net Volume32 gal38 gal82 gal
Storage Capacity at 125 psig299 lb477 lb789 lb
Minimum Useage (No Venting) ∆2.0 lb/day2.5 lb/day3.0 lb/day
C02 Gas Delivery (Continuous) @1.0 lb/hr5.5 lb/hr10.0 lb/hr
Peak Flow Rate3.0 lb/hr10.0 lb/hr15.0 lb/hr
§: For height without legs subtract 6 inches
@: 12 consecutive hours at room temperature
∆: No loss in normal applications