Going Green

As a company, Lenox-Martell has taken many steps to go green and minimize our negative impact on our environment. Some of the smallest changes, such as using the web to allow our customers to download invoices and make payments, can have a large impact. In order to save paper and resource, we use the internet as much as possible. We now use computers in our delivery and beer line cleaning departments in order to substantially cut down on the amount of paper that is printed and subsequently wasted. One of our most consistent sources of paper printing has been mostly eliminated simply by having monthly statements emailed to our customer instead of by postal mail.

Some of the larger changes we have made include solar panels on our roof, which cover 90% of our electricity usage. Using smaller trucks for our beer line cleaning department offers better fuel efficiency and less pollution. This is important and impactful as our trucks drive to many different locations throughout New England on a regular basis. Our company is also unique in the fact that we have the ability to perform electronic beer line cleaning. We are the only company in the region able to do so. This advancement allows us to reduce the chemicals that are going down the drain and into our environment.

Even the smallest steps that require the least amount of effort, such as separating our trash by cardboard, metal, and regular trash can reduce what waste goes into land fills and what can be recycled or reused. With efforts both big and small, Lenox-Martell strives to continue our work in going green to create a more efficient and environmentally-friendly business.